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This Tour Intertwined with a Nursery Rhyme

There is always Hope but there is work to do too. Hope feeds the purpose to do the work.

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Deck Review of the Art of Life Tarot

Beautiful art deck

benebell wen

Art of Life Tarot 01 Box

The Art of Life Tarot by Charlene Livingstone is the tarot deck I would create. It’s totally up my alley in every way. Let’s bring together the structure of tarot with classical art and inspirational quotes from literary masters and spiritual leaders. That’s what Charlene Livingstone has done here and U.S. Games then materialized her vision into one of the most beautifully packaged decks I’ve seen.

Art of Life Tarot 03 Box as Stand

The box that the deck comes in does a cool transformers trick and becomes a display stand. That rocks. Above you’ll see how it all works, with the box-display-stand showing The Empress card, which features a painting of Saint Catherine by Raphael and a quote by Denis Diderot on passion. “Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.”

Now, let’s try a reading…

Art of Life Reading 01 Cards Choose One

Above, we have five cards under five stones. Right to left, we first see red tiger eye. Choose the card…

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Nisargadatta Quote

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Source: Nisargadatta Quote

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Myself and Others

Source: Myself and Others

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A Borrowed Quote to Sum up Grief…

Vanillamom's Blog

“You will lose someone

you can’t live without,

and your heart will be badly broken,

and the bad news is that you never completely get over the loss of your beloved.

But this is also the good news.

They live forever in your broken heart that doesn’t seal back up.

And you come through.

It’s like having a broken leg that never heals perfectly—

that still hurts when the weather gets cold,

but you learn to dance with the limp.”

~~ Anne Lamott

Thank you sofia, for finding this–my own words fail me in this task. Readers, bloggers, we have lost an amazing man, a blogger, a Dominant, a friend.

David is the person who I turned to when I started this blog, when I wrote my first few stories, asking for His advice, and He encouraged me to continue, to grow. I’ve not had any contact with Him in…

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[M/s 365] Things to Remember (Quote/Meditation)

Our Master/slave Journey

strawberry-plant-1368352498cW5Twelve Priceless Qualities of Success – attributed to Marshall Field.

1. The value of time.

2. The success of perseverance.

3. The pleasure of working.

4. The dignity of simplicity.

5. The worth of character.

6. The power of kindness.

7. The influence of example.

8. The obligation of duty.

9. The wisdom of economy.

10. The virtue of patience.

11. The improvement of talent.

12. The joy of originating.

Meditation or thought exercise – how have you applied each to both your own improvement and the improvement of your M/s (or D/s) dynamic?

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Thought For The Day

Thought For The Day.

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there is joy in the journey

The Salacious Musings of Eros


“One of the secrets of life is to find joy in the journey.” 
But Grandma, you weren’t on *this* journey. It was just crazy–“
Grandma held up her hand. “You have six brothers. You got to spend a whole day in the car with them. You’re all healthy, well fed, happy… Someday, when you’re a little older, I’ll bet you’d give anything to be back in that van of yours with all of your brothers, smelly diapers and all.”
I mulled that over.
Well what about Dad?” I pointed out. “He didn’t find any joy in the journey. He was yelling at trees.”
Grandma sat back, “Your father and mother are masters at finding joy in the journey.”
I didn’t understand.
Grandma continued, “Do you really think your parents would have had seven kids if they couldn’t find joy in the journey?… I would be willing to wager that he’ll…

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As Christmas day approaches something to consider

The Salacious Musings of Eros


As the holidays approach, you may be preparing yourself to gather with family members you don’t usually spend time visiting. You may even feel that you are choosing to meet more from a sense of obligation than celebration. But when we trust that the universe always places us exactly where we need to be, we know that we have been placed in our families for some higher purpose. Your spirit may have chosen that particular group of souls to help you learn certain lessons, or to give you the experiences necessary to overcome specific challenges. And when we feel we’ve moved away from situations that don’t resemble us or the life we choose to live, it can seem frustrating to put ourselves back into an old scenario. But even a sense of obligation is a sign that you are still connected to the energy of your family, and for that…

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